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Rock's Holistic Hounds & Humans




Shawna Rocknich
Holistic Educator 

I founded Rock's Holistic Hounds & Humans (RH3) because of my passion for dog training and natural health for both dogs and humans. If you're interested in holistic care, you've come to the right place!



Dog Training & Natural Health

Shawna is definitely my go-to person when I'm looking for natural remedies for both myself and my dog. She helped me make a decision on a detox program that really helped me. 

Elizabeth, Hurricane WV


Since switching my dog's diet and adding different healthy foods, he hasn't once had any signs of gut issues! He's also excited to eat at EVERY meal, which is something we haven't experienced since he was a puppy.

-Kelsie, Louisville, KY

After just a few sessions with Shawna, our pup got loose in a parking lot and we used the "touch" command. Our girl immediately responded and the instant fear that flooded our bodies quickly faded because of Shawna's dedication to training us and our pup. There is no one who loves what she does more than her! We are forever grateful.

- Hilary, South Point, OH


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Legal Disclaimer

I am not a veterinarian or physician and in no manner are my services or information contained on my site to replace that of your medical provider or DVM.  As a holistic health practitioner, I do not treat, diagnose or cure diseases or conditions in humans or animals outside the framework of my licensure with the WV Board of Examiners in Counseling.  Consultation with your veterinarian and primary health care provider should precede an agreement to receive services from Rock’s Holistic Hounds and Humans (RH3).   Information obtained from this website or from services rendered are for educational purposes only and should not be relied upon for health care issues.  


Many factors impact health such as finances, abilities and skills, devotion, time, and other variables.  Your success is not guaranteed nor is RH3 responsible for your actions.  Use of this website does not guarantee the accuracy of any information as health situations change and information may not be updated.  Visiting the website does not constitute a client-practitioner relationship.  The viewer assumes any and all risks associated with the material contained on the RH3 website. 

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