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Services may be conducted virtually, in your home, Pet Supplies Plus or at Wholi-Moli located in

Barboursville, West Virginia. Mileage fees may apply.  Dog Training classes are held at Pet Supplies Plus.   

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My Approach to Holistic Dog Training & Natural Care

Proverbs 12:10 states “the righteous regard the life of their beast but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.”  The word regard in Hebrew means yada which means “to know.”  But it does not mean just to know of, it means to know by experience.  The connotation here is to REALLY KNOW your dog.  We can really know our dogs by spending time with them and educating ourselves on what they really need to thrive, not just survive.  Be KIND to your dog.  


Be KIND to your dog: 

K – Kibble

I – Injections

N – Natural 

D – Diverse


KIBBLE:  Reject Kibble.  Compare the teeth of your dog to that of a wolf.  You will see such similarity in structure. Structure dictates function. What did the wolf eat? Raw prey.  You get the idea.  In the same way, raw food is ideal for maximum nutrients and optimal health.  Think kibble helps clean your dog’s teeth?  Think again.  At best it will minimally clean the surface structure but the real issue is around the gum line.  Kibble does not address that. Kibble is so rich in carbohydrates that it actually does more harm than good to teeth.  Raw food also helps with coat quality, weight maintenance, and reaps a vast number of other benefits.  If you would rather not feed raw but are ready to ditch the kibble, we can explore other options.  Book an appointment to find out more.   


INJECTIONS:  Reject unnecessary Injections such as vaccines.  Overvaccination can hinder your dog’s health and life.  Research indicates a wide variety of ill effects from overvaccination such as allergies, skin issues, and autoimmune diseases.  Some vets even render some vaccines futile.  Dr. Ronald Shultz states that Bordatella (Kennel cough) is not a vaccine preventable disease.  


NATURAL:  Provide Natural care.  Consider homeopathy and rethink cleaning products, grooming products, commercial treats, and conventional products.  For example, vinegar and salt will kill weeds but without all the toxins. 


DIVERSE:  Provide Diverse experiences.  These can include enrichment activities, socialization, interactive games, puzzles, etc.  Ever been swimming with your dog? How about boating? What about taking him out to lunch?  There is much more than just feeding and walking your dog. 

Engage in mentally stimulating exercises to conquer boredom and build confidence.  Some ideas might be puzzles, games, or even a simple car ride that’s not going to the vet. Schedule a play date or teach your dog to play piano or get involved in dog sports!

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