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My Background with Hounds

I have been a dog advocate and dog enthusiast since a young child. I trained dogs for friends and family for many years and volunteered for local shelters walking, bathing, training, and fostering dogs.  My adoration for dog training finally landed me in school for professional certification through the International School for Certified Dog Trainers.  I have also completed specialized courses from other highly skilled trainers such as Victoria Stilwell.  I taught Reuben 30 tricks before he turned a year old.  In the past few years, I became quite zealous for adding a holistic dimension to training being an eyewitness to the vast number of benefits. After seeing the benefit of homeopathy in my own dog, I began to pursue my studies in this discipline.  I have also completed a canine massage training program.  These modalities allow me to add a unique approach to my overall services with canines.  In short, a dog who doesn’t feel well, doesn’t train well.  


My Background with Humans

I have worked as a Licensed Professional Counselor since 2002.  My interest in natural health was cultivated after improving from my own issues such as gallstones, arthritis, GI complications, and sleep disturbances using natural modalities. I was told I needed my gallbladder removed but that ended up not being necessary after natural treatment.  That positive experience served as a springboard of research, study, and education.  I began to learn about the harmful ingredients contained not just in our food supply but cleaning agents, personal hygiene products, and pharmaceuticals.  These agents not only impact our physical health but our mental health as well. I became an experienced label reader and studied nutrition, herbs, natural cleaning products, detoxification, supplements, and natural personal hygiene products.  My current pursuit is studying homeopathy with both humans and animals.  My practice involves integrating natural modalities as part of a comprehensive approach to address not just mental health but the whole person.   



Certified Dog Trainer

Pet Food Nutrition Specialist

Canine Massage Practitioner

Licensed Professional Counselor

Certified Integrative Mental Health Provider

Certificates of Completion in Homeopathy and Veterinary Homeopathy

BA - Psychology

MA - Counseling

Current Student - British Institute for Homeopathy International

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