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Allergic to Dogs? Check Out These Remedies Before Rehoming Fido

Almost 20% of the worldwide population suffer from allergies to dogs. If you are someone who can't tolerate conventional medicine like myself, check out these alternatives:

  1. Quercetin - approximately 1500mg per day.

  2. Bromelain - approximately 300mg per day.

  3. Myer's Cocktail - this is an IV fluid that contains magnesium, vitamin B complex, B12, and Vitamin C (reduces inflammation).

  4. Slippery Elm herb (soothing to mucous membranes)

  5. Alium Cepa homeopathic

  6. Pulsatilla homeopathic

  7. Euphrasia homeopathic

  8. Daily nasal irrigation - I personally love Xlear nasal spray

  9. Steam inhalation with Eycalyptus and Lavender essential oils. Place a two drops of each in warm water. Close eyes and inhale a few times.

  10. Alkaline the body through proper anti-inflammatory diet.

As always, it is recommended to work with a qualified natural health professional prior to implementing any new protocols.

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