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Answer to Dog Overpopulation Lies with An Appreciation of Artwork

Imagine yourself preparing a remarkable piece of art for someone you love. It required diligence, creativity, design, labor, time, and commitment. The final result is strikingly marvelous. As you present it to your loved one, it is adored; hung securely, admired, appreciated, and well cared for. The breathtaking appearance adds a dimension of ambience to the room as it takes center stage. The diversity of color brightens up the entire room as it begs to be looked at and appreciated.

Now envision your loved one removing this artwork from the wall the the very next day. It is no longer displayed but neglected, dust has settled, and eventually tossed in the trash. How would that make you feel? All that hard work tossed aside, all that beauty no longer discoverable, all that magnificence gone. How do you think our Creator feels when dogs are tossed aside? He crafted them. It was His idea. They are His masterpiece for our enjoyment, benefit, service, therapy, and companionship. But they are forsaken. They are forgotten. And when the dust collects, they are disposed of.

One may consider a failure to spay or neuter as the predominate reason for dog overpopulation and full shelters. Or perhaps the rise in health issues, aggression, or behavioral issues. Or even unethical breeders. However, the main reason is simple; it is a failure to appreciate our Creator's creation. With a proper perspective of our Creator, we recognize His goodness, His love, and His creation for our good and enjoyment which compels us to care for what He has crafted. To detour from this manner of thought is to detour from God. It is the answer to the crisis. It keeps no kill shelters as no kill shelters. In fact, shelters would not exist if we just display and care for His artwork.

Not every dog is for every home but every dog needs a home.

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