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Beyond Plants...

Psalm 42:7 – Deep calls to deep at the roar of your waterfalls; all your breakers and waves have gone over me. (ESV).

I certainly believe that God has created substances such as various plants and minerals that support our mental health in our time of need. However, nothing can replace Him. Nothing is as good as Him. Nothing satisfies like Him.

Inspired by Pastor Scott Duncan and Sherri Simpson. Sherri, a dear friend of mine, spoke the words “deep calls to deep” to me one day several years ago the moment I stepped into her presence. Unbeknownst to her, I had just been reading and meditating on that same verse which I was very intrigued by. God shows up at just the right time as per usual and speaks. A few days later, Pastor Scott mentioned this same verse during one of his sermons at River Cities Community Church. He elucidated some of the complexities in simple terms and offered some insight to a seemingly incomprehensible passage. One of the things Pastor Scott said was that little commentary exists on this verse. That caught my attention. Why? Doesn’t anyone know what this verse means? Why is there such little expansion and knowledge; why is there so little commentary? So, I decided to write my own. I realize I am an ordinary person without a theology degree, but I am a child of the King.

So, I sought the Lord. What does this verse mean? I consider true understanding of this verse to be birthed out of personal experience; unattainable in the natural but experientially and spiritually discerned. When I’m flooded with the storms of life continually roaring over me, deep calls to deep. My innermost being craves a communion with the depth and fullness of the Almighty. Layer by layer, peeled and stripped away, produces streams that proliferate the roaring. I believe the word “roar” in this verse is God speaking. It is His voice that we can hear more acutely when we allow ourselves to experience Him in our trials and hardships. The deeper I descend the louder I hear the truth; my survival demands an earnest seeking of the One who covers and rescues. Deep calls to deep. This state of being necessitates a beyond the surface type of handiwork. Top layer cliches are insufficient. The depth of God must interact with the depth of my soul. This place of anguish, torment, and full exposure drives me to connect with His Supremacy. Waves and breakers produce a magnetic attraction to the Most High, compelling me and calling me deeper despite foreign waters. Driven to the unknown. Famished and exposed. It’s a place of desperation for ALL that He is. Deep calls to deep.

May we all respond to the inner workings of the Holy Spirit that reflect, “Deep calls to Deep.” Do you hear Him roaring?

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