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Puppy Potty Training 101

Two primary principles need to be strictly adhered to when potty training a puppy: supervision and crate training. Your puppy will need to be well supervised or in his crate. Supervision does not mean doing the dishes while glancing over at your puppy. SUPERVISION MEANS ALL EYES ON DECK AT ALL TIMES. Take him outside on a leash using the same door on a regular basis to the same spot. A bell can be a useful tool. Give him a command such as “go potty” and wait in the designated area for him to eliminate. Then praise and treat! If he has not eliminated after about 10 minutes, take him back inside and supervise for another 10 minutes. Then take him back out again. Continue that supervision when he comes back in the house as sometimes puppies do not fully eliminate. A note on the crate: the crate should never be used as a disciplinary tool but should be perceived as a safe haven for your puppy. Limit the amount of crate time and never exceed 4 hours at a time (less time for younger puppies).

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