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Teach Sit Command Without a Food Lure

Train your dog to sit without using a food lure. I used a game of tug to teach Dewey the sit command. Why not just use a food lure? Because this technique encourages problem solving skills and builds value for the sit position. You will find your dog sitting more often automatically to get what he wants. When you do tell him to SIT, he will respond quicker with this technique than with a traditional food lure. Do not ever try to teach your dog the sit command by pushing down his hind quarters and saying the sit command repeatedly. That is not only potentially dangerous, but it does not teach your dog anything. I played a game of tug, then withheld the toy. I waited. At first he lunged, barked, jumped, and pawed which I ignored but he eventually did a SIT. I immediately rewarded with another game of tug and repeated the game for a few minutes 3x a day. I rewarded the correct behavior he offered and ignored what I did not want.

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